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Llandrindod Wells, Wales, Great Britain
10/6 –12/6/2022

Chasing Dragons

“Let’s go chasing dragons!” echoed through the halls of the Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells every morning after the roadbook meeting. And there was nothing the 200 international Porsche 914 enthusiasts would rather do than chase dragons! After a two-and-a-half-year break due to the pandemic, all they wanted to do was go out and drive again. And so, extensive tours through the Welsh hills were the focus of the International Porsche 914 Meeting in Wales. 

The dragon is the heraldic animal of Wales, which is known as the “Land of the Dragon”. Fittingly, all participants received a small puppy dragon at the start – most of these took a seat on the dashboard and were up close in the hunt for their fellow species. 

The Porsche 914 community is a special community. And as Classic Club specialist Stephan Griese says: “As colourful as their vehicles.” It was his first time at an international 914 meeting. And he was impressed: “For one thing, the vehicle is simply super. The performance, the mid-engine concept, how the vehicle literally clings to the road. Unbelievable!” But he was equally taken with the 914 community: “Lots of happy and friendly people, as individual as their vehicles, completely inspired by their exotic Porsche model and incredibly closely linked and connected in a friendly passion for their Porsche Clubs.” And internationally minded. “Although the international 914 meetings have been taking place since 1996, making them a cornerstone in the Porsche Classic Club scene for decades, they are still under the radar in the Classic world and considered an insider tip.”

The whole event was framed and characterised by the national colours of Wales: green, white and red. And the festive evening was also based on these colours: The ladies were dressed in appropriate gowns – some of them made from national flags – while the men wore traditional costumes and clothing typical of the country. Even Club specialist Stephan Griese complemented his classic Porsche outfit with a red shirt and matching green and white pocketkerchief.

Like the international meetings of the 356 community, the 914 meetings are also held by alternating host countries. For Wales, this was the 914 Registry of the Porsche Club Great Britain, led by Briony and Tom Loder and their team. Attendees included members from Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and France. The next Porsche 914 Meeting will take place in 2023 in France in the St. Tropez area. The organisers are not yet telling us what will be chased there. In any case, the motto will be “white”.

Pictures by Luke Davies, Ian Francis, Matthew Hall , Phil Davies, Laura Shepherd and Porsche AG.