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Saint Tropez, France

The guards of Paradies drive Porsche

The first Paradis Porsche took place on 10th of October 1993. Right from the start round 180 teams gathered there and met at the car park at the legendary port to take part in the parade. Since that day, the Paradis Porsche has become one of the biggest Porsche meetings in Europe. Every year, around 500 officially registered vehicles are expected, 500+ additional Porsche cars as visitors and 5000+ spectators.

No other Porsche event has as many Porsche GT2 and GT3s in one place. All around the event area, an impressive number of additional visitors arrive with their Porsche vehicles, keen to experience the spectacular meeting. Weekend highlight is Porsche Parade through the city passing the famous „Senequier“ with its red marquee on the harbour promenade.

These days, it’s impossible to imagine Saint-Tropez without the Paradis Porsche. Saint-Tropez and Porsche suit each other perfectly: like-minded Porsche enthusiasts and the magical flair of the lively port town. Maybe this is one reason why the meeting is such an incredible success and one of the most spectacular Porsche events.