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133. Club Porsche de France, Région Méditerranée 07/01/1992
134. Porsche Club Rhein-Main e.V. 15/02/1992
135. Porsche Club Portugal 11/03/1992
136. Porsche Club Osnabrück Weser-Ems e.V. 30/04/1992
137. Porsche Club Bergamo 28/09/1992
138. Porsche 924/944 Club Deutschland e.V. 02/10/1992
139. Porsche Club Freiburg 20/11/1992

Club Porsche de France, Région Méditerranée: Every year the Région Méditerranée of the Porsche Club France invites to the traditionally renowned Paradis Porsche of Saint-Tropez. At least once in a lifetime every Porsche fan should experience this exquisite and fascinating weekend, which draws around a thousand participants and 500 vehicles to one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not for nothing are some participants already enjoyed more than 20 visits.

Porsche Club 924/944 Deutschland e.V. was founded in 1991 as the Porsche 924 Club Ruhr-Lippe Syndicate. By March 1992, the Club had already expanded geographically and changed its name to Porsche Club 924/944 Deutschland e.V. Since then, various regional Clubs have formed across the Federal Republic of Germany, looking after their members under the auspices of Porsche Club 924/944 Deutschland e.V.

After the first two years of Porsche Carrera Cup competition, the Porsche Racing Division in Weissach reviews the Carrera Cup. If the first two years of the Carrera Cup were dominated by Roland Asch, the 1992 championship belonged to Uwe Alzen and laid the foundation stone for his professional motor racing career.


140. Porsche Club Mainfranken e.V. 25/01/1993
141. Klassieke Porsche 911 & 912 Club Nederland 22/04/1993

On 22nd of April 1993, the Klassieke Porsche 911 & 912 Club Nederland is formed in the Netherlands. The 911 is now in its 29th year of production. In 1993, the 993 is launched as the successor to the G-model and the 964 model. The newly-founded Classic Club has a special focus on the 911 and 912 models constructed between 1963 and 1973; in doing so, it meets the demand for joint care and maintenance of this classic model, which is still relatively recent.


The Gran Turismo 911 Turbo S Le Mans GT, based on the 911 Turbo S, makes its debut with a class victory at the 12 Hours of Sebring. The Porsche 911 Carrera Type 993 celebrates its premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It will be the last Porsche 911 model to be powered by an air-cooled boxer engine. In addition to this, the Porsche 901 celebrates its 30th anniversary.


142. Porsche Club Garmisch-Partenkirchen e.V. 06/05/1994
143. Porsche Club Thailand 20/05/1994
144. Porsche Club Dresden e.V. 20/12/1994

After Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, a fourth Asian market joins the Club world. Porsche Club Thailand regularly organises Porsche Driving Experience events and Porsche Exclusive Roadshows.

A breathtaking life: Ferry Porsche turns 85 years old.


145. Porsche 356 Klubb Norge 26/01/1995
146. Porsche Club Lazio 23/03/1995
147. Porsche Club Leipzig e.V. 17/05/1995
148. Porsche Club Westsachsen-Erzgebirge e.V. 04/08/1995
149. Porsche Club 968 Deutschland e.V. 19/09/1995

Porsche 968 Club Deutschland: The engine concept and transaxle technology determined the excellent driving characteristics of the 968 and qualified the Porsche model as a unique sports car. The Porsche 968 CS Cup, which had been advertised since 1993, formed the basis of private motorsports.

It was hardly a surprise that in 1995, the year that production was discontinued, efforts were already being made to form an association that felt compelled to carry out the task of maintaining and carrying on the use of the Porsche 968.

In 1995, the Porsche Club Leipzig is founded at what is to become the location of the Porsche Leipzig GmbH plant. After the reunification of the two German republics, several new Porsche Clubs are founded in the new federal states. In 1994, the Porsche Club Dresden is founded, in 1995, the Porsche Club Leipzig and the Porsche Club Westsachsen- Erzgebirge are founded; in 2001, the Porsche Club Thüringen is founded and in 2005, the Porsche Club Magdeburg is founded.


150. Porsche Club Steiermark 01/03/1996
151. Porsche Club Estonia 28/03/1996
152. Porsche Club Göppingen e.V. 13/06/1996
153. Porsche Club Bayreuth e.V. 13/08/1996
154. Porsche Club Winterthur 24/10/1996
155. Porsche Diesel-Club Europa e.V. 22/11/1996

Porsche Club Estonia is the first Club to be set up in the Baltic states. Porsche Club Estonia stages an annual International Track Day, its field made up almost exclusively of Porsche 911 GT3 models. Until 2004, Club members enjoyed an annual excursion to Uusikaupunki – the Porsche plant there was only 300 km away, while Leipzig was 1,700 km and Zuffenhausen 2,100 km!

In 1996, seven tractor owners in Bremen founded the Porsche Diesel Schlepper Club Deutschland e.V., with the aim of “preserving and maintaining Porsche-Diesel tractors, advising on and helping with the restoration of Porsche-Diesel tractors.” In the years since, the Club has gained members in Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium. Responding to international demand, on 26 February 2000 the Club was renamed the Porsche Diesel Club Europa e.V. The Club currently has over 900 members with more than 5,000 tractors in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Since its initiation at the start of 2007 under the patronage of Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, the Porsche Junior Project has enjoyed considerable success. Under its motto, “From lethargy to creativity”, old and young people work together as a multi-generational team to restore historic tractors.

The Porsche Junior Project had run 130 educational projects with a total of 5,500 male and female students.

The 911 GT1 makes its racing debut at the 64th edition of Le Mans in 1996.

On 15 July 1996, the 1,000,000th Porsche rolls off the production line. The anniversary car, a Porsche 911 Carrera, is given to the Baden-Württemberg motorway police.

Right from the start, the newly released Porsche Boxster 986 becomes a great success.


156. Club Porsche de France, Rég. Bourgogne / Franche Comté 27/01/1997
157. Porsche Club Ireland 11/03/1997
158. Porsche Club 928 e.V. 31/03/1997
159. Porsche Club Toscana 02/04/1997
160. Porsche Club Südliche Weinstraße e.V. 09/05/1997
161. Porsche Club Biberach e.V. 01/10/1997
162. Porsche Club do Brasil 01/11/1997
163. Porsche 928 Club Nederland 20/11/1997
164. Club Porsche France 911 Classic 12/12/1997

Just two years after discontinuation of production, enthusiastic owners of 928s and former Porsche employees join together to form the Porsche 928 Club. The aim is the “general exchange of information, the maintenance of all models of this vehicle type as well as the fostering of contact with the manufacturer.”

In September 1997, the Porsche 911 Type 996, which has been completely re-developed, is exhibited for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, IAA). Its design is a new and innovative interpretation of the classic design of the Porsche 911. This is the first time that a 911 is powered by a water-cooled engine.

Lonely country roads amongst untouched nature, vast expanses of green and rugged, rocky coastlines. The roads are as lonely as they are challenging: that’s Ireland. Not only just the preserve of the members of the Porsche Club Ireland; Porsche engineers can often be found here as well.

The Porsche Club do Brasil is founded. The Advanced Driving Schools by the Brazilian Porsche Club are highly regarded. Each year there are is a Porsche Club Racing Festival and of course six racing weekends that form the GT3 Cup Challenge do Brazil.


165. Porsche Owners Club Taiwan, Inc. 01/01/1998
166. Porsche Club Argentina 02/01/1998
167. Porsche Club Bonn e.V. 28/01/1998
168. Porsche Club UAE 08/05/1998
169. Porsche Club Cyprus 22/06/1998
170. Porsche Club Malaysia 28/12/1998

All around the world: Taiwan, Argentina, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus and Malaysia. It’s proved, yet again: Porsche Clubs are varied and represented all over the world. The Club concept is spreading rapidly across all continents.

The founding of the Porsche Club UAE in the United Arab Emirates sees the first Porsche Club established on the Arabian Peninsula. The Club regularly organises Driving Days at its “home” race circuit, the Dubai Autodrome.

Porsche celebrates its anniversary.

The Porsche 911 Carrera 4 extends the range of products. With the teams L. Aïello/A. McNish/S. Ortelli and J. Müller/U. Alzen/B. Wollek, the Porsche 911 GT1 achieves a high-profile double victory in Le Mans, marking Porsche’s 16th victory at the 24 Hours Classic.

Based on the brand-new 911 (Type 996), Porsche launched a racing version at the end of 1997 with its 911 GT3 Cup, which is used by Porsche customer teams around the world in the Porsche manufacturer’s cups.

On March 27th, Professor Ferry Porsche passes away in Zell am See, at the age of 88.


171. Porsche Classic Club Luxembourg 26/02/1999
172. Porsche Club Kassel e.V. 08/03/1999
173. Porsche Club Bodensee-Oberschwaben 13/03/1999
174. Porsche Club Mittelland 21/04/1999
175. Club Porsche 928 France 04/08/1999
177. Porsche Classic Club Austria 19/09/1999

The Porsche Classic Club Austria is founded in 1999. The umbrella organisation is in charge of the entire region of Austria with its five regional centers: Korneuburg (Lower Austria), Linz (Upper Austria), Graz (Styria), Gmünd (Carinthia) and Innsbruck (Tyrol) as well as the type register Clubs for the 914, the 924 Carrera GT and general transaxle.

At the 1999 Frankfurt Motor Show, the new 911 Turbo (996) is introduced. Porsche founds Porsche Leipzig GmbH.

The 911 GT3 R for international GT Sport debuts in June 1999 with a class victory in Le Mans, a feat repeated in 2000. In the American Le Mans Series the 911 GT3 R remains unbeaten, save for one race, for 2 years and twice in a row wins all GT titles of this international championship.


178. Porsche Club Trentino 07/02/2000
179. Club Porsche 356 España 25/03/2000

The first Club to be founded in the new millennium is the Porsche Club Trentino.

The special edition 911 Millennium is released to mark the new millennium. The ground-breaking ceremony for the Leipzig plant takes place on 7 February.

The Porsche Carrera GT is presented as a design concept as part of the Paris Motor Show, held in the Louvre.

In Spain, fans of the classic Porsche 356 models come together in the Club Porsche 356 España.


180. Porsche Club Thüringen e.V. 11/01/2001
181. Porsche Club Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta 07/03/2001
182. Porsche Club of South Africa, Kwazulu Natal Region 20/03/2001
183. Porsche Club of South Africa, Central Region 20/03/2001
184. Porsche Club Baltic e.V. 30/03/2001
185. Club Porsche 924/944/968 France 02/04/2001
186. Club Porsche de France, Région Lorraine 22/04/2001
187. Porsche Club Dominican Republic 23/05/2001
188. Porsche Club Finland r.y. 04/06/2001
189. Porsche Club de Venezuela 27/07/2001
190. Club Porsche Fribourg 24/09/2001
191. Porsche Club Aargau 13/10/2001
192. Porsche Club del Paraguay 16/10/2001
193. Porsche Club Chile 20/10/2001
194. Ostschweizer Porsche Club 20/11/2001
195. Porsche Club Israel 07/12/2001

The new millennium is in full swing! In 2001, 16 Clubs are founded: Porsche Club Thüringen e.V., Porsche Club Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta, Porsche Club of South Africa, Kwazulu Natal Region, Porsche Club of South Africa, Central Region, Porsche Club Baltic, Club Porsche 924/944/968 France, Club Porsche de France, Région Lorraine, Porsche Club Dominican Republic, Porsche Club Finland, Porsche Club de Venezuela, Club Porsche Fribourg, Porsche Club Aargau, Porsche Club del Paraguay, Porsche Club Chile, Ostschweizer Porsche Club and the Porsche Club Israel.

The Porsche Club 924-944-968 France was initially founded as Club Porsche 924. It unites around 170 members from all French regions and from Belgium. The year 2005 marked the 30th birthday of the Porsche 924, and the Club organised an extraordinary event: the “Porsche Birthdays” were born in Fontainebleau.

Latin America takes its place in the ranks of Club countries. From 2001, a multitude of Clubs are founded in the Latin American markets. After the Club Porsche Mexico (1988), Porsche do Brasil (1997) and Porsche Club Argentina follow, in 2001, the Porsche Club Dominican Republic, Porsche Club de Venezuela, Porsche Club del Paraguay and Porsche Club de Chile. In 2002 follow Guatemala, the Porsche Club de Panama and in 2003 the Porsche Club Cuba and Porsche Club Columbia.

For the 2001 season, Porsche Motorsport creates a significantly modified 911 GT3 Cup for use in one-make racing series. The 911 GT3 RS is available for international GT sport. The Porsche 911 GT2 introduced in Detroit is the most powerful production sports car to date from Porsche, with 462 hp.

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1992: Founded in 1992 the Porsche Club Méditerranée is responsible for the famous Paradis Porsche...

1992: ... well known for the large amount of GT cars

1992: Founding member Frank Thiel and President Axel Giershausen of the Porsche Club 924/944 Deutschland

1992: The 1992 founded Porsche Club Portugal on tour

1993: 30 Years of Porsche 911 in Berlin

1994: Since 1994 going strong: Porsche Club Thailand

1995: Speedy association: Porsche 968s all lined up

1995: The Club with factory and race track: Porsche Club Leipzig

1996: Season opening of Porsche Club Estonia

1996: Porsche Diesel Club Europa annual outing

1996: 911 GT1

1997: Racing event of Porsche Club do Brasil in the 90s

1997: Porsche Club 928 visiting the Porsche Museum

1997: Holding the flag up high: Porsche Club Ireland

1998: Porsche Club Cyprus in 2010

1998: Still growing and expanding: Porsche Club Malaysia

1998: 911 GT3 Cup

1998: 356 annual meeting in the town of Ulm in 1998

1999: Porsche Classic Club Luxembourg Classic Meeting in 2017

1999: Porsche 911 GT3 R

2000: Club Porsche 356 España hosted the 356 INT Meeting in 2016

2000: Porsche Club Trentino on a Club outing

2001: Porsche Parade South Africa

2001: Porsche Club Venezuela 2012 at the anniversary event

2001: The main event of Porsche Club Finland: Porsche Club Festival Finland

2001: Porsche Club Chile

2001: Porsche Club República Dominicana, President Israel Gonzalez at the Presidents Meeting Latin America in 2019