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A dream came true

Bernhard Lehmann is the webmaster of the Porsche Club Monasteria.

Soon I was forbidding myself to think, "Why didn't I do this earlier?"
Finally, my dream came true, because .... YES! I did it!

Even as a little boy I knew that in the future I would own a Porsche 911. The reason for that must have been the spirit of the car. Because back then I was not able to evaluate technical details, except that it was a fast and good-looking sports car.

Through all the years I collected miniature Porsches, pictures, posters and videos. I also attended several Porsche events while dreaming of my own 911. I assume, this is what happened to other proud Porsche owners, too.

During this time, which seemed to last forever, I was searching for THE ONE.

My Porsche had to be extraordinary. It was supposed to be a 911 Carrera S Cabriolet with a special configuration in terms of colour, technical features, exterior and interior.

Suddenly I discovered the one and only. Consequently, the decision was made immediately.
From that point of my life, I turned dreaming into enjoying.

The colour of the body was basalt black. The roof was red and the interior was made of Carrera red natural leather. Certain features of the interior were accentuated by parts made of carbon. Not everyone liked the configuration of my Porsche, which was proof that it was special.

Because you never know what will happen to the real one, I had it recreated as a 1:18 scale model.

Driving a Porsche is not just having fun. It's much more. There's that community, the events, the experiences with different Porsche Clubs and Porsche enthusiasts. It feels like it is a big family. The wide range of different Porsche generations still on the road is also admirable.

However, changes are part of life. Even though the sound of my 991.1 was unbeatable and the character of the Porsche unique, the time had come for a change.

I exchanged the most interesting and by far the most beautiful Porsche for a very elegant one.

Today I am a proud Porsche owner of a gorgeous and elegant 911 991.2 Turbo S Cabriolet.

The colour of the body including the wheels is Carrera White. The roof is blue. The interior is Cretaceous White combined with a blue dashboard. Yes, the Turbo S has more power than my previous 991, but on the whole there is no difference in driving pleasure between the two 911s.

As soon as possible, I will also have my 991.2 Turbo S Cabriolet built as a 1:18 scale model.