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Farewell to the 919 Hybrid: Porsche presses records using the original tires from the winning race car.

In 1951, the first Porsche crossed the starting line in Le Mans, a 356 SL. Since then, the German sports-car maker has scored 19 overall wins. The last car in the prototype class LMP1 competing from 2014 to 2017, was the 919 Hybrid. It accomplished three overall wins in a row and became a Le Mans legend.

After leaving the LMP1 class, the 919 Hybrid took its place at the Porsche Museum at the end of 2018. Now an auditory monument has been created for it: Porsche had the original tires of the Le Mans winner shredded and melted – to press a limited series of unique records. The record’s name: “The 24 Minutes of Le Mans.” Divided into 24 chapters, it recounts Porsche’s impressive history on the French race course. The wins. The losses. The dramas.

In no way was the audio production less complex than the record production. In exclusive interviews, celebrities such as Steve McQueen’s son Chad, Walter Röhrl, Hans-Joachim Stuck, or Dr. Wolfgang Porsche share stories and memories, allowing listeners previously unpublished and highly personal peeks into the magic surrounding this race. Even the doctor of the Porsche racing team and the legendary Le Mans radio presenter have their own chapters. The records were recorded in English and a soundtrack was composed, whose main theme consists of the notes corresponding to three legendary numbers: 919 for the last winning Porsche race car, 1951 for Porsche’s first participation in Le Mans and 2017 for the last race of the 919 Hybrid.

Interview partners: Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Walter Röhrl, Bruno Vandestick, Chadwick Steven McQueen, Dr. med Jürgen Lindemann, Derek Bell, Fritz Enzinger, Herbert Linge, Hajo Stuck, Helmut Frauenschuh, Hans Herrmann

24 records are now being auctioned off. On a single day. On February 24, the records will be available for purchase at the website – one every hour. The auction begins at 12:00 AM, CET. Porsche will give all proceeds from the auction to Le Mans Loisir Pluriel – an organization dedicated to helping children with disabilities.

Porsche is making the entire track available for free online to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the audio documentary contained on the record, independent of the auction. “24 Minutes of Le Mans” can be found on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon Music.