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Brake drum for your 356 A.

Classic performance.
Modern braking.

356. A number that inspires sports car enthusiasts. Because the 356 is no ordinary model. But the fi rst series production model to bear the Porsche name. The original 356 was built from 1948 until 1965 and was fi tted with many standard Volkswagen parts. And the 356 is still in existence today, as an icon. And as a road-going classic car that remains a pleasure to drive.

But requirements have increased since the 1950s, particularly for safety-related components such as the braking system.

Which is why it should be regularly serviced – and any worn parts replaced. Over the years, however, stocks of genuine spare parts have been depleted. Porsche Classic has now remedied this situation for the Porsche 356 A with its new edition of brake drums for both axles, which are exactly the same as the original equipment of the 1950s.

Because instead of a like-for-like replacement, owners previously only had two options, as required. Either to use the 356 B brake drum, which involved considerable time and cost and didn’t retain the original look. Or to repair the old brake drum. Over time, neither of these compromise solutions was good enough for a 356 A. The new edition now offers 356 A owners a perfect solution. Produced in accordance with the original plans and featuring the original look, of course. And just like the original 356 A brake drum, the new edition is also ‘Made in Austria’.

The complex manufacture of the Porsche Classic brake drum from a forged blank differentiates it from other spare parts on the market. The result? Porsche standards. Following its production, the brake drum has successfully completed all our internal test procedures. And of course the General Operating Licence (German ABE) also remains in effect.

After all, your safety is paramount. As is the impressive result: yesterday’s driving pleasure combined with today’s braking safety. As befi ts a Porsche icon.

Our new brake drums for the 356 A are a worthwhile investment in performance and driver safety. Because worn or off-centre brake drums can lead to various malfunctions. Brakes that pull unequally, pulsate and tend to jam are just as big a warning signal as excessive pedal travel. The brake drums should be checked by your Porsche Classic Partner or Porsche Centre if any of these signs occur, if not before.

356 A brake drum (model years 1955 – 1959)

Front axle: 356 41023
Rear axle: 64433106112