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A unique experience on snow and ice.

Challenges that take us to the limits unleash unimagined powers
and ensure unimpeded drives – along our neural pathways.

Lapland – one of the world’s most northerly regions. With sharp contrasts between the seasons. In Levi, winter is clearly the dominant season. In terms of fi gures, freezing temperatures from 4 to 50 degrees below zero.

But that’s no reason for getting cold feet. The Ice Experience kicked off its 2018 season on the 14th of January and it’s already clear: things are really getting started north of the Arctic Circle.

Long straights and an endless expanse. The perfect opportunity to experience increased performance. In one of the five winter programmes. As well as enhanced driving pleasure, the focus is also on improving their driving skills in extreme winter conditions.

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For more information, please contact the Porsche Ice Experience on:

Phone: +49 711 911-28900