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Special Training: Warm-up.

Pure fascination. Right down the line.
With our wide range of vehicle models.

Your first sporting challenge. Something very special. Because there’s no greater moment than when you surpass yourself.

The Warm-up course is aimed at everyone who would like to experience the fascination of Porsche on the racetrack. Even if they don’t yet have their own Porsche. We offer you a wide range of vehicle models on site. Doesn’t your heart get warmer just at the thought of it? Then join us at the FIA-certified track at Porsche in Leipzig (GER) or at the Driving Center Baden (GER).

Our shared goal: simulating hazardous situations you may face in everyday traffi c at various speeds and experiencing the performance of a selection of Porsche models provided. You practise how to brake effectively, change lanes and control oversteer and understeer. In further sections, you find and follow the racing line and practise negotiating a slalom in a sure-footed manner. So you are fully on track. Especially when it comes to your driving pleasure.

Start the engine and experience the fascination of Porsche.

Warm-up, Porsche in Leipzig

Warm-up, Driving Center Baden

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All dates and prices for the 2018 season are available on our Porsche Experience Website.