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Exclusive driving experiences. The 2018 season.

The most beautiful places in the world are waiting to be discovered by you.

Life is exactly what you make it. So leave your everyday life behind – and join us in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Winding coastal roads, never-ending serpentine bends, deep valleys and breathtaking mountain passes. The Travel Experience global routes for 2018 once again promise plenty of variety. The only thing left to decide is where exactly you want to enjoy the feeling of driving a Porsche.

A transfer by helicopter and a drive along the legendary Col de Turini. At the Travel Experience Southern France you will experience exactly what you associate with Porsche: exclusivity, adrenaline and driving pleasure.

How to take the Porsche feel up a level: with a factory tour at our two sites. At the Travel Experience Stuttgart/Leipzig you will witness first-hand how driving pleasure is created. And what it feels like. Along winding roads through the Thuringian Forest. And it gets sportier still: with a guided drive on the Porsche Circuit in Leipzig, you experience sports car fascination in its purest form.

Whichever travel you choose: you will be covering a lot of new ground – with the best travelling companion of course:
a Porsche.

All dates and prices for the 2018 season are available in our Porsche Experience Online Shop.

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours.

Your Porsche Travel Experience Teams