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Only a few more days to go until we welcome you to the “Open House” at the Porsche locations in Le Mans.  

For the first time ever, the Porsche Experience Center and the Porsche Curves will be opened to all Porsche customers and Porsche Club members. Access will be granted by simply showing your Porsche car key, car registration document or your Porsche Club membership card.

Opening hours are as follows:

Porsche Experience Center: Saturday 10 am until Sunday 5 pm.
Porsche Curves: Saturday 10 am until Sunday 4 pm.

Please consider the following details:

  • The “Open House” allows every Porsche Driver free access to the Porsche Experience Center and the Porsche Curves. 
  • “First-come-first-served” principle: as space in the locations is limited, a waiting line is expected during peak times.
  • You need to purchase your own ACO ticket.
  • No exclusive parking spaces will be available.
  • free bus shuttle will circulate between the Porsche Experience Center and the Porsche Curves.
  • No formal invitation will be sent out to you  in advance.
  • catering service will be offered on a self-payment basis (available payment methods: Cash and Credit Card).

We look forward to welcoming you!

Your Porsche AG and Porsche Community Management

You can find more information in the flyer and on the Le Mans microsite at:

Flyer Download