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Once in my life I will buy a Porsche, I will go on a trip around the world… Do you know that too? What is yours? Do you want to dream with us? Close your eyes and follow us.

With two German- licensed Porsche 911 GT3 RS through the United States of America:

2018: Dreaming
2019: Planning
2020: Starting

Can you imagine the feeling when you get into your Porsche, your 997 GT3 RS, for the first time, take the key to the left, turn it and hear that incomparable rattle? Not in your garage at home in Leipzig, Germany, Europe, but 5,000 miles away, on the other side of the ocean, in the USA, in Florida, in Miami? That's nothing compared to the goosebumps you get when you enter the American roads.Our American adventure began. It was no longer an American dream. It was a part of our life.

We started in Miami in February 2020. Key West, 7-Miles-Bridge, Naples, Orlando, Daytona, Brumos Collection were our first destinations on our way to the Werks Reunion Amelia Island. Because of our story, we won the GT class with our Twins. A week later our tour stopped in Atlanta. COVID-19. We thought about a two-month break. But we had to wait until January 2021.

Two weeks' holiday in Costa Rica for a kind of quarantine and we were able to enter the USA. Restart! Arrival at 4pm. Phone call to two friends. Next morning Porsche Track Experience at Barber Motor Sports Park. Same evening Knoxville, TN at our "new" home with Brenda and Ross. Next day 318 turns in 11 miles on the Tail of the Dragon. Next day Porsche Experience Center Atlanta with hot laps, VIP tour and dinner at Restaurant 917 with Marc Harston.

Are you sweating yet?

We drove back to Naples to meet our friends and drive down the red carpet at Cars & Coffee. Stopping by at Porsche Naples to say hello and get one of our best recommendations for the next few weeks. A very warm welcome at Porsche South Orlando with a photo shoot on the roof top deck. Meeting and dining with the PCA Citrus Region. And we were only on the road for 9 days. Can you feel our pulse? Are you dizzy yet?

Along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico we found back roads to New Orleans, the Mississippi Delta, Oak Alley Plantation, Natchez and Houston.

Two days or 1,500 miles to the PCA Treffen Scottsdale. 150 American Porsches and 2 German ones. I will never forget my first view of the red rocks of Sedona. We love the US backroads like the Indian Rte 8029. 50 miles of dust until our next stop in The View, Monument Valley. Do you know the picture of US 163 heading towards Monument Valley? We could experience the same view, without traffic. Gravel on the US163. Never mind. Close your windows, the White drives first, the Blue swallows some dust because she is used to do it.

A service stop at Porsche of Colorado Springs, but no time for Pikes Peak. The Werks Reunion Monterey was waiting. I was given a registration number 1. We had to arrive on time. But 1,300 miles on Interstates wasn't our goal. We took the route via Berthoud Pass, Steamboat Springs, Bonneville and Reno. Werks Reunion Monterey cannot be compared to Amelia Island. It's just that different. 1st place for the Blue in the GT class and 2nd place for the White in the PCA Juniors judging. It feels like 1,000 new friends. Everyone was talking to us. Finally we were able to drive the legendary Corkscrew of Laguna Seca. Porsche Leipzig has a small copy of this corner.

Bruce Canepa, Pete Stoud, Sharkwerks and Avenue of the Giants within three days. Relaxing on America's loneliest highway before we were back in the Rocky Mountains. Arches Park, a night in an Airstream, Million Dollar Hwy, Silverton, Durango, Cottonwood, Wolf Creek, Independence Pass and Aspen. Need a breather? No time! Jeff Zwart, Jezzebel and Hayden were waiting. You feel like you're in a dream. But it's not a dream. It's your life. Now we have to meet Pikes Peak. It's time for our Race to the Clouds.

Walter Röhrl said: "Most of the racers immediately screamed for oxygen at the summit. I asked for my time". And now. We, two Germans, with our two GT3 RS in front of the park entrance of Pikes Peak.

I can feel and see the dust clouds of Walter's Audi S1 in front of me.
I can see Jeff's 935 in my mirror.

Yes. I'm dreaming.

I can hear the roaring 6-flat behind me and see the Blue in front of me.
I'm not dreaming. We are living our lives.

Is this the end of our story?
No. Only the end of this story.