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Rear engine air-cooled, what else?

As a Porsche enthusiast from a young age on, Karl joined the Porsche Club South Africa in 1992 and started the Porsche Club Eastern Cape in 1993.

Born in South Africa to German parents, I was a car enthusiast from a young age on. I had a picture of the first 930 Turbo on my wall, the fastest real production car then and still today.

My first car was a 1964 Beetle, and then many cars and years later I bought my first Porsche, a 924, in Germany in 1990. My first 911, a 1976 model, followed a year later.

I joined the Porsche Club of South Africa in 1992, and in 1993 I started the Porsche Club Eastern Cape with a handful of members, which has now grown to over 70 members.

We attended our first Parade in 1997 when my son was two years old and our daughter was four. We packed the car for a 2,500 km round trip carrying the baggage for two very young children with enough nappies and clothing for a week. This was a great event, and we met many like-minded Porsche petrol heads. A year later, it was my turn to organise the first Parade in Port Elizabeth, our home town.

I have been the President of the Porsche Club in our area for 30 years and have since organised five Parades in the Eastern Cape, the annual get-together of Porsches in South Africa. I have attended 21 Porsche Parades in South Africa and one European Parade in France. I have been fortunate to attend three President's meetings and the 70 Years of Porsche Sports Cars anniversary celebration in Europe and now have many Porsche friends all over the world.

Over the years, the 911 collection has grown, and I currently own a 1976 911, a 1980 SC Targa, a 1983 Turbo, a 1996 993 C2, a 996 GT2 and a 924 Turbo. I have only ever sold one 911 so far, a 996 4S to make room for the GT2.

With a very understanding wife, I have a house full of Porsche models, Porsche memorabilia and trophies. My son, who is now 27, has become an even bigger enthusiast than me.