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Shared passion of a great group of petrol heads

Paulo Martinez is a member of the Porsche Club Andino in Chile.

During the worst of the covid pandemic in 2020, with very limited opportunities to meet and enjoy our cars, we were able to organise several activities, including a couple of visits to our majestic Andes and a track day – thanks to the inexhaustible passion of a group of friends.

So many stories in 2020

An impromptu ride to Farellones (+ 3,000mamsl) turned into one of the most epic trips in our Porsche, obeying the pandemic restrictions and and with the uncertainty if we would be able to reach the top, the mountain awaited us with a beautiful sunny day, full of snow on the road.

After this successful drive, we tried a longer trip to Portillo (+3,000mamsl) and the mountain pass in the Andes between Argentina and Chile (Los Libertadores). Even on a very cold day, we were able to enjoy a view that few have.

Later in the year, after the restrictions were loosened a little, we put on our helmets and drove to the Codegua International Circuit, where we put our Porsches to the test after these months of rest.

All these adventures were only possible thanks to the shared passion for our cars and a great group of friends who took every opportunity to meet.

Happy 70 years to all the Porsche Clubs and Porsche enthusiast around the world!