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Just in time for the Le Mans anniversary the original 917 KH “Salzburg” with the world-famous number 23 is displayed at the Porsche Museum.

We stepped by at the museum to take a look at the car for the worldwide Porsche Club Community.

In fact, the “23” that you could see at events and in the Porsche Museum for many years was originally the legendary first 917 with number 001. Frank Jung from the Museum Archive remembers the story and the reasons why there were two Le Mans-winning cars:

„After the race at Le Mans, Porsche realised that the victory was hugely significant for the company. But car no. ‘23’ was still in use at the time. They needed a second car quickly that looked like the victorious vehicle so that they could send it round the world for advertising purposes. And so 917-001 has already been converted and repainted in 1970 to match the victorious car driven in Le Mans and dubbed the ‘23 Salzburg’.”

In 2019, for the anniversary of the Porsche 917, the Porsche Museum converted the vehicle with number 917-001 to its original condition as a long tail with a white and green paint job.

So for now, there is again only one vehicle with number 23. And that is currently displayed as a loan in the museum till 23rd of August 2020. The winning car from Le Mans. The original. A legend returns.