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With the International Porsche Days Zell am See, the worldwide Porsche Club Community started off into the post-Covid era. And hands on hearts, there is no better place for a fantastic new start than the home of the Porsche brand.

Part 2, International Porsche Days Zell am See:

If the Grossglockner is more a question of driving endurance, a special kind of regularity test, the upcoming Katschberg Pass is the freestyle section for targeted peak performance. Its slopes do not challenge the endurance athlete, but rather the sprint champion. The secret of the Porsche brand lies somewhere in between. The brand core is defined here between Katschberg and Grossglockner. The origin and DNA of the vehicles lies somewhere on this route. We just accept this for ourselves. With every kilometre driven, we get a little closer to the normality we love so much. To make progress, you have to go back to the roots, time and time again. We understand that the future of the Porsche brand is always in the history of the brand. In order to restart Porsche Club life, it was necessary to go back to its origins. We have started anew. We have experienced it.

“Seeing all these fantastic cars and enthusiastic customers is something very special. I enjoy talking to the Club members about their stories and their view of Porsche cars.”
Laurens Vanthoor, Porsche works driver

The journey continues via Saint Johann im Pongau back to Zell am See. The valleys open up, the green meadows become richer, the trees cling closer to the massive slopes. We too are inspired by the peaceful atmosphere of the Alpine valleys. And find peace in the smooth movement. We enjoy letting the vehicle glide along, giving free rein to the gears and our thoughts. We are back on track. We are back.

Early morning in Zell am See. The tranquil pedestrian zone becomes a catwalk. Arranged by start number and year of manufacture, the participants and their vehicles move reverently through the morning light to the starting line. Just don’t wake anyone up! Though there is a lot to see and wonder at in Zell am See today. Because it is the day of the Pinzgau outing. And it starts here in Zell am See. Right in the city centre. A big thank you goes out to the Tourism Association and all the enthusiastic Porsche Days fans in Zell am See.

Zell am See is the home of the Porsche family. Discovered by Ferry Porsche in 1941, the Schüttgut estate in nearby Schüttdorf quickly became the home address of the family and its second base next to Stuttgart. Porsche later moved his engineering office from Stuttgart to Gmünd, less than 130 kilometres from Zell am See. The young company had a materials warehouse in Zell am See. Today, the history of Zell am See is inseparably linked to Porsche. Dr. Wolfgang Porsche runs an organic farm here, the Areitalm belongs to the family, and son Ferdinand has brought a tradition-rich motorsports event back to the region by reviving the GP Ice Race. The organisers and participants also want to give back something of the Porsche spirit to the town of Zell am See with the morning start in the pedestrian zone.

“What’s special is that this is the region where the Porsche brand was born. If we stand in front of a Porsche Taycan today and see what the brand has developed in the meantime, you must always bear in mind how it all started here on a small and well-grounded scale.”
Karl Steiner, main organiser of the Porsche Days Zell am See

Organiser Karl Steiner is standing at the start of today’s outing and gives the vehicles the starting signal. Karl Steiner not only likes to keep the Porsche flag flying, but is also happy waving a starting flag. The early-morning spectators are enjoying themselves and talk to the participants. One or the other tourist only now understands the close bond that exists between Zell am See and Porsche. Locals are happy to mix among the participants and vehicles. It is like one big family, Zell am See and Porsche. A feeling of being at home, at the home of Dr. Wolfgang Porsche. We realise that Porsche also means a piece of home for the people here.

The tour passes through Pinzgau, via the Areitalm to the Driving Safety Centre in Saalfelden. After a few laps with their own Porsche vehicles, the participants have the opportunity to drive round the circuit a few times with the Porsche Taycan. Driving off with Launch Control reminded us of the mantra of the Porsche Days: a brilliant start with impressive acceleration. For this, we are grateful to Karl Steiner with his team and to the committed co-team of Porsche Global Community Management.

“It’s wonderful to be here. It was worth waiting for. Zell am See is the soul of Porsche. It’s always a special experience. Coming here to the Porsche Club events is a family affair in family style.”
Doris Berger, Porsche Club Graz

The Porsche Days in Zell am See now enter the final lap. In the evening, host Dr. Wolfgang Porsche is the person who waves the chequered flag. During his notional final lap, he draws attention to the fact that the weather deal at a local call rate still applies. And he emphasises once again what an honour and joy it is for him to be able to welcome his Club friends to Zell. It is this fusion of the Porsche family, the Porsche brand, the Club members and their vehicles that makes the Porsche Days in Zell am See so special. Then he hands over to Detlev von Platen. The Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG has always been a friend of the Clubs and the global Club idea. For many years he enjoyed the spirit of the Clubs during his time as boss of Porsche Cars North America. The Porsche Clubs, he concludes, are the most valuable asset of Porsche AG. Unique, immeasurably loyal and committed to the brand. In both good and difficult times. Both for the company and for society. He says that he is proud of what the Porsche Clubs achieved during the pandemic. He rightly invokes the spirit of the Porsche Clubs: to be there for each other, for the Club members, for the company and for society. Right up to the present day. Through almost 70 years of global Club history. The Club world is back on track. We are back.

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Special thanks to: Peter Reiter Photography (Welcome event opening picture, foodtruck Gmünd); Johannes Radlwimmer, Tourismusverband Zell am See/Kaprun (Road shot Sankt Johann)

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