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A Thank You To Our Madam President

It is not usual to have a woman at the head of a prestigious automobile club, as the Porsche Club Česká republika undoubtedly is.

Eva Sevcikova, our President, has successfully led our Porsche Club for the last 18 years.

Her love of fast cars led her to buy her first Porsche in 1995. This was subsequently the impetus to found the Porsche Club Česká republika with the help of the Porsche importer in the Czech Republic and to get straight to work.

In 2005, she organised the 1st International Porsche Clubs Meeting Prague with Club members of the European Porsche Clubs, which took place on the occasion of the foundation of the Porsche Club Česká republika and the 130th birthday of Prof. Ferdinand Porsche (born in Vratislavice, Czech Republic).

For the roughly 140 participants of the event, who came together from all parts of Europe, she had not only prepared a rich cultural and social programme that enabled the participants to get to know historically significant landmarks throughout Prague, some of which are not open to the public, but also organised an excursion to the birthplace of Ferdinand Porsche in Vratislavice.

The participants of the meeting were also able to see the manufacturing of the world-famous Czech crystal and try glass-blowing for themselves. The entire event culminated at Sychrov Castle. The participants were thrilled by the programme and still reminisce about the event to this day.

With this event, our President has brought our Club to the attention of the international community of Porsche Clubs and at the same time set the bar very high for the Club's operation.

In the following years, she has gotten many members actively involved in the planning of three-day Club events, which always take place during the Club season and are in any case rich in social, cultural and motorsport activities.

In the 18 years of the Club's existence under the leadership of Eva, she has prepared a number of social events with our Austrian and German counterparts, of which we particularly fondly remember the rally with the Porsche Club Wien; the Club members often travel internationally together.

The Club has also sparked interest in the Porsche brand among the younger children of our members, who also participate in member events planned and prepared especially for them.

Being a member of the Porsche Club Česká republika is an honour for all its members. We, the members of the Porsche Club Česká republika, appreciate and pay tribute to our President for her extensive knowledge of Porsche cars and the Porsche brand, for her excellent driving skills and for beating many of us many times in races.

We are certain that our Club would not exist without her tireless and focused efforts. We would like to take this opportunity on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Porsche Clubs, to express our appreciation and deep gratitude to her for all she does; we are extremely proud of all she has accomplished.

The members of Porsche Club Česká republika