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"DOTY – Drive-of-the-Year" to mark 75 years of Porsche sports cars

10 days, 4 countries, around 3,900 kilometres: Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. In other words, an average of 550 kilometres per day, with seven days of driving. Plus three days as stopovers for recharging, enjoying and reflecting.

Each individual stage of the road trip offered the Club members of the Porsche Club Vietnam an extraordinary experience: the drive to Khon Kaen – "Life in the fast lane"; the stage to Chiang Mang – "On the way to the Rose of the North"; southwards to Bangkok – "The way to the City of Angels", finally Angkor Watt, to the "Holy Ground". All that to discover and experience culture, enhance the Porsche experience, share moments and unforgettable memories with like-minded friends.

Porsche Club Vietnam has been established by Club President Sanh Le and 7 friends in 2016. It was recognized as the first and only official Porsche Club in Vietnam by Porsche AG in 2019. The Club currently attracts more than 130 members across the country with more than 100 Porsche – including the full range of models from 718 Boxsters, full-electric Taycans, icon 911s to super cars.

„The Club's members are Porsche owners united by enthusiasm and love for Porsche's unique heritage and style,“ describes Sanh Le the DNA of the Ho Chi Minh City based non-profit Club. „The mission of our Club is to develop the Porsche Club community in Vietnam, share the knowledge of the Porsche brand and gather people that are enjoying the Clubs core values: passion, sharing, respect, sincerity.“

"In addition to the regular activities our Club offers to the members, organising a Drive-of-the-Year across the Southeast Asia region was a goal high on the to-do list“, explains Sanh Le the Asean Caravan Tour. „For Porsche Club Vietnam, it was the first cross-border Club event and for our Club members, it was a first contact with the other Clubs of the Asean region.“

Thanks to Porsche Vietnam and the Porsche Centre Saigon, who supported the adventure with two technicians and a support vehicle with tyres and spare parts for the entire road trip, the experience was safe and a great success. “Everybody enjoyed the highest level hospitality and remarkable cultural experiences. But first of all it was pure Porsche driving and an intensely Porsche road experience.“ Porsche Passion lived and driven by Porsche People.