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Porsche Club Sverige takes 235 vehicles and 350 Club members to the Nürburgring for its Club Track Days. Among the participants: Porsche brand ambassador Jörg Bergmeister, responsible for tips, tricks, and fast laps.

Jörg Bergmeister knows every square inch here, every corner of the 73 curves of the legendary Nürburgring: Tiergarten, Schwedenkreuz, Fuchsröhre, Schwalbenschwanz, Galgenkopf. And he has to. With the current 911 GT3 RS Type 992, he lapped the 20.8-kilometer Nordschleife of the Nürburgring in 6:49.328 minutes. Just under 6 seconds behind the GT2 RS MR modified by Manthey Racing and a full 8 seconds faster than the fastest lap of the 918 Spyder.

Now he's standing here in the Nürburgring cinema in front of enthusiastic Swedish Club members, getting them in the mood for the "Green Hell". He knows the Nürburgring since childhood; the Leverkusen-born Porsche brand ambassador lives in Langenfeld, less than two hours from the Ring. For him, the Ring is "the most selective race track in the world.“ He has won all the major endurance races and was successful in the classics at Daytona, Sebring, Spa and also the Nürburgring. If anyone knows the Ring, it's him.

For two days, the Swedish Club will be in the Eifel and will race on the Nordschleife and the GP circuit on the second day. Among the total of 350 participants, 226 drivers have registered for the Ring laps on the Track Day. The youngest among them is 18, the oldest 83 years old. Also 10 Ladies Drivers enrich the fast troop. Many have their GT3 RS and GT4 RS with them, many Manthey customers are also among them.

The last time the Swedish Club – with around 6,500 members, it is the largest Club in Scandinavia – was at the Ring on this scale was 10 years ago. And for this year's mega-event, it had particularly competent partners at its side: Manthey Racing was on hand with technical support, display race cars and provided a GT3 MR for hot laps. Porsche Track Experience provided infrastructure as well as its event truck, and Paul Gregor from Global Community Management brought Jörg Bergmeister along. The Club alone had around 30 instructors from its own ranks on duty.

Of course, Jörg Bergmeister's participation in the Track Days was a very special highlight for the racing-enthusisatic Swedish Club members, as the former works driver had plenty of tips and tricks for the Nordschleife to offer the members. To demonstrate just how well he knows the Nürburgring, Jörg Bergmeister then performed taxi hot laps on the GT3 MR - for four lucky Club members, these will have been the fastest laps of their lives.