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Unbounded pleasure

Mario Pohlscheid, President of the Porsche Club Bonn, reports on the friendship meetings with the Porsche Club Tirol

It all started with the participation of our former President in the Karwendel Trophy, organised by the Porsche Club Tirol. The first shared gut feeling of our Clubs took place on the mountain passes in Tyrol, where we jointly enjoyed the hairpin roads and the view from the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. And now the Porsche Club Tirol visited us in Bonn. A real challenge because we cannot offer high mountains with mountain passes. However, we do have our “Green Hell” on the doorstep, on the twisting roads of the Eifel that we know so well.

On Thursday, 16 June, the day finally came when our Tyrolean guests arrived at our regular restaurant in Alfter close to lunchtime – with nine Porsche cars, from the G model, type 964, GT3 through to the Turbo 997 II. In the evening, at the joint dinner at Schloss Miel, there was much to talk about relating to Porsche, and all this was then put into practice the following day. A total of 34 Porsche cars set out on the winding roads of the Eifel with plenty of gut feeling.

But the destination was even better than the many bends: we were heading for the most successful Porsche racing team, Manthey-Racing GmbH. The eight titles in the Porsche Supercup, seven 24 h overall victories at the Nürburgring, and three in Le Mans in the GTE Pro category speak for themselves, alongside many other successes. The collaboration with Porsche Racing Experience was visible everywhere. Genuine top-class Porsche tuning could be seen on more than one hundred vehicles all over the company premises and in the large halls. However, the highlight was a close-up look at the new Le Mans winner in the LMGTE Pro class. The Porsche 911 RSR 19 stood in front of us looking exactly as it had immediately after the race. It was still possible to see flies, rubber residue from the track, and even the remains of the champagne. It had already been sealed for the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. A thrilling experience for every Porsche fan. The next stop was the Rohmühle restaurant in Bonn, where the experiences were digested in many conversations over a joint “hot” evening meal.

On Saturday, it was time for the next highlight, MOTORWORLD Cologne, which is located on the site of the former airport at Butzweilerhof. Here it was possible to admire fantastic race cars, classic cars and, above all, many Porsche cars of all generations, as well as the loan of Michael Schumacher’s F1 race cars, a permanent exhibition of his motorsport career. The return journey took us through Cologne city centre, right past Cologne Cathedral, to Petersberg (335.9 m above sea level), where we were able to enjoy the wonderful view of the Rhine Valley from the beer garden.

Our 1st friendship meeting ended with the summer and family party in our regular haunt, Dieter’s restaurant in Alfter. It was not just a friendship meeting, many friendly bonds relating to our common Porsche theme were forged. We are already planning the 2nd friendship meeting. We will attend the next Karwendel Trophy of the Porsche Club Tyrol.

What’s so special about Club life is being able to have discussions with like-minded people about the Porsche brand. The fascination of the members for the Porsche brand can be felt at every regular get-together or joint outing. Once you have been infected with the Porsche virus, you can no longer escape it.

I joined the Porsche Club Bonn in 2013, was elected Sports Director in 2015, and have been President of the Porsche Club Bonn since August 2021. This is a great challenge, but one that I pursue with passion and enthusiasm.

The fascination with the Porsche brand and the associated exchange of information and discussions via forums, social media channels and meetings creates contacts with like-minded people that extend beyond national borders. That is also how the friendship with the Porsche Club Tirol came into being. Contacts have resulted in friendships, ideas are exchanged and ideas become concrete Club meetings. This enriches all of us who participate in Club life with enthusiasm and passion.

Friendship meetings help bring together people from different cultures and countries and with different views and ideas. This enriches us all, especially if it takes place through a shared interest, namely the Porsche brand.

For me, this is what makes the Porsche Clubs special and I am happy and glad to be part of this “Porsche Clubs Worldwide Community”.


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