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75 years of Porsche sports cars. Welcome, dreamers.

On June 8th, the anniversary weekend of Porsche sports cars kicked off in front of the museum. The following day, the Global Community Management gathered the worldwide Porsche family at the Wagenhallen in Stuttgart. Then Porsche Germany concluded the celebrations with a spectacularly grand event at the Hockenheimring. Here’s a look back at an extraordinary Porsche package.

LAP 1: Porscheplatz

The museum is immersed in a sea of colors. There’s a spectacular light and video performance, with memorable moments with Dr. Wolfgang Porsche and Oliver Blume, and a stunning appearance with the 919 by Mark Webber. Customers and Club members from all over the world are celebrating 75 years of Porsche sports cars together. But the focus of everyone's attention is the evening's premiere: the Mission X concept — a glimpse into the electric future of the sports car.

LAP 2: Wagenhallen Stuttgart

A central meeting place of cultures in the bustling metropolis. Tonight, it is home to the global Porsche communities. Everyone has gathered here: family and friends, the global Porsche Clubs, the Porsche GT Circle, the Porsche Golf Circle, Porsche Pioneers Circle, Das Treffen, Luftgekühlt, Heizr, Onassis, Curves, Puur, Roads, Type7, F.A.T. International, and ACP Team Porsche. Detlev von Platen mingles with the community, as does Ferdinand Porsche. Club members from Kuwait, South Africa, Iceland, Sweden, Italy, the USA, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Guatemala, Japan, Singapore, China — and from all other parts of the world — have traveled here to enjoy a wonderful evening full of Porsche flair. It’s a phenomenally successful event. The Mission X concept also celebrates its second premiere day, this time just for the community.

LAP 3: Hockenheimring

For two days, the Hockenheimring becomes the epicenter of Porsche passion, and the company has issued a stunning 80,000 visitor tickets. 8,000 Porsche vehicles are parked in the parking lots and on the grounds, and 4,500 Porsche Club members gather daily at the Community Clubhouse. In the container village, the community space celebrates with friends from Onassis, HEIZR, Petro Surf, Type7, FAT, and Curves. Here are the DJ beats and refreshments, and on the main stage, a performance by Alvaro Soler. Up at the Experience Center, design studies are showcased alongside racing car legends. It’s a festival of dreams in its grandest form.

From June 8th through to Sunday, it was a glistening showcase of Porsche passion, Porsche people, and the Porsche community. Owning a Porsche means being part of a community — a family for 75 years now and counting.