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Dear Friends of Porsche Club News,

An unusual year is now behind us – and many challenges still lie ahead.  But courage and a sense of perspective give us the confidence that many aspects of our lives could return to normal in the course of 2021. But during this difficult season of 2020 we also saw the Clubs buck the trend with creative ideas, and withstand the general lockdown – both physically and mentally – by generating a wealth of new ideas, unusual activities and enormous vigour.
The much-quoted mantra: “The Clubs keep the Porsche flag flying” has proved impressively true during last year, once again, though this time probably more so than ever before. The Clubs not only made sure the flags were kept flying, they also looked after their members, offering them support and a home, and actively supported the fight against the pandemic with numerous aid and donation campaigns. The Clubs demonstrated what people are capable of achieving in a strong, positive community that is prepared to take on social responsibility. This is what the spirit of the Porsche Clubs is all about.
We hope that the Porsche Club News with its features, stories, and reports was able to inject a little light, cheerfulness and optimism into 2020 and your everyday life from time to time – in a season without events, this is certainly no easy undertaking for us either. Yet in every test lies an opportunity: it has not just been a challenging year for us, but an exciting one, too. Thanks to new topics, different perspectives – and because of the unbridled joy we sense through being able to be in contact with the Clubs worldwide, even if only virtually.
Dear friends from the Club world, loyal Porsche Club News readers: stay healthy, take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Keep your spirit alive! Enthusiasm, courage, determination, passion and responsibility: with these attributes that are so typical of the Clubs, we will continue to endure this test with flying colours.
Your Porsche Club News Online

New function on Porsche Club News Online

The database containing the Club addresses is the backbone of the successful worldwide Porsche Club network. With the new direct search function “Porsche Club Search” on Porsche Club News Online, Club members and those interested in the Club will be able to access the contact information for a specific Porsche Club. This new function will replace the previous Club search on the website.

The new search function not only offers an up-to-date overview of all official Porsche Clubs worldwide, but also impresses with its user-oriented full-text search, a clear display of all relevant Club data and contacts, and its ease of use.

You will find the new “Porsche Club Search” in the header navigation next to the section “Archive”.




The international Club world is diverse and unique. You can write about your trips, anniversaries and Club events in the “Porsche Clubs report for Clubs” section. If you upload a report to Porsche Club News and wish to share it with the Porsche Club Community, write to us at

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April 2021

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