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Cars and Clubs, that's my passion!

Erwin Pfeiffer is President of Porsche Club Isartal-München and Board member of Porsche Club Deutschland

My passion for cars started in the 80s, during my student days, founding the Volkswagen Golf GTI Club Munich together with some friends. I was then allowed to be President for 15 years. Much later, it became apparent that many Porsche Club members had a similar start to their automotive passion. GTI first — Porsche later.

My career path then led me to Europe's largest automobile club, the ADAC, which today has over 21 million members. As a manager in tourism, I had the best job in the world. Always dealing with the best time of the year (vacation time) for our members and always up to date on what's going on in the automotive sector. A passion for cars was not a prerequisite for employment, but it was quite helpful. And it does not matter if you drive a car with lots of horsepower.

In the 90's I met and fell in love with Evi, a former GTI driver. A very fast driving woman. However, she soon became unfaithful to the GTI and bought a used Porsche 924.

Thus the course for our future life was set anew. The wine red 924 was followed by a dark blue 968 Coupé and then a wimbledon green 964 Carrera 2 Cabrio. With this we became members of the Porsche Club Isartal-Munich in 1998.

Quickly I could bring my club experiences into the Porsche Club and was allowed to organize first touristic tours. In the meantime, the 964 had become a lime-turquoise 993 Carrera 2 Cabrio. What an extraordinary color.

In 2002 I was elected to the board of the Porsche Club Isartal-Munich as Sports Director and one year later became Vice President. And my employer ADAC had also discovered, appreciated and used my club experience: so I was elected to the board of the Deutsche Alleenstraße e.V., a very famous touristic road in Germany, on behalf of the ADAC presidium.

In 2007, I was elected as President of the Porsche Club Isartal-Munich, and in 2011 I joined the Board of Porsche Club Deutschland (PCD) as Event and Touring Director.

This marked the beginning of a truly “golden” age for me: the Porsche 997 Targa in Nordic gold metallic joined the lime-turquoise convertible in the garage. Courage for color!

The “Nordic gold metallic” became over all the years my clearly visible and also unique trademark: European parades, German meetings, regional friendship meetings, rides and tours, etc: Nordic Gold Metallic: Erwin is there! As a board member of the PCD I attended numerous Int. President Meetings and many European Porsche Club Councils to bring our experience to the international Club circles. And there is a lot of “Club experience”. Having grown up as an adopted child myself, supporting charity projects is very important to me. The tours with the SOS Kinderdorf children undoubtedly provided emotional highlights.

When it came to color, it was ultimately only logical to order a brand-new 991 with a special paint to sample in Nordic gold metallic. Our plush tiger was decisive for the interior design: having already felt comfortable in the black interior of the 997 Targa, he insisted when ordering the 991 from Porsche Exclusive in Stuttgart that the interior had to harmonize with his fur color! No sooner said than done: seat center panels and armrests in amber, all seams in cognac. The tiger likes that, and so do we. That the Tiger was also co-pilot for the Scandic Tour 2022 is a matter of honor. And also the Clubs in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway had fun with the plushy friend from Bavaria.

We still drive the 993 cabrio and to extend our passion for classic cars, we bought a red Porsche 944 S2 in 1998. A car that is more than 30 years old and therefore already classified as historic in Germany.

In the meantime, I have retired from active working life and can fully dedicate my passion for the association to the Porsche Clubs. What a great destiny.

I love and live it.

“Servus” from Munich
Erwin Pfeiffer