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Unexpected adventure and passion for life

Jorge Perez Labayru and his wife Edita Vergara Fernandez are members of Porsche Club Andino

Since I was young, I have had always had beautiful sports cars but never owned a Porsche. Then I bought one, and that's where it all started ...

Greetings to my fellow Porsche enthusiasts! My name is Jorge Perez Labayru and I’m from Santiago, Chile. Since I was young I have always liked and owned beautiful sports cars, but never had the chance to own a Porsche until last year when my son Jorge, owner of a nice Porsche GT4 and an active member of Porsche Club Andino insisted so much that I should own one.

After spending some quality time looking for the right one, I ended up buying a beautiful white Porsche Carrera type 996.2 with manual transmission and factory X51 kit. This was the best decision of my life, since driving it is a wonderful experience and it is a sublime feeling when you put your foot down – always in a responsible way. It really is a fantastic car, which I keep in excellent condition, and it would certainly not be easy to find another one like this in any country.

After this, together with my wife Edita, we were invited to attend an outing organised by Porsche Club Andino with my car. At this point, I would like to say that at this event we met an extraordinary group of people, who welcomed us with great affection and warmth, even though we were not members of the Club yet.

This activity was so enjoyable that on the way back we decided to apply to join the Club. In 24 hours, we received the confirmation and today we are officially active members participating in the many and diverse activities organised annually.

In summary, I would like to thank God, my son Jorge, who together with his wife Barbara motivated us to start out on this adventure, and Edita, my co-pilot, who always accompanies me and enjoys with me this newly acquired passion of owning a Porsche and participating at the Porsche Club Andino. We send warm greetings and congratulations to its members for the camaraderie, spirit of union and loyalty and also to the members in Clubs in other countries.

With our new passion, we now own a small collection of Porsches, including a 981 Cayman GT4, 911 type 997 Turbo, 981 Boxster S and, my favourite, a 996.2 Carrera.

Happy 70 Years to all the Porsche Clubs around the world.

Jorge Perez Labayru & Edita Vergara Fernandez from Chile